Monday, July 21, 2014

A little bit about Me....

Hi friends!

Today's post is somewhat a different one. My very talented friend Miae Rowe asked me a couple of weeks back to take part in a blog hop of some sorts. The purpose is to let my readers know who I am as a scrapper, and also to send you folks over to other people whom I think are inspiring and truly creative. Feeling really honored that Miae would ask me, because her works are so, so out of this world! 

Just a couple of questions to get things rolling:

1. What am I working on?

I currently have my hands full with 5 DTs - Once Upon A Sketch, Off the Rails Scrapbooking, Blue Fern Studios, 13@rts and Marion Smith Designs. I'm somewhere between an art journal page and 2 video tutorials right now.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I'm not exactly sure how different they are actually. I do mostly mixed media and because of its popularity, everyone's work seems to resemble another's in several ways. But I do spend a lot of time on the background, and I like to create soft watercolor effects with soothing palettes and black and white splatters. Everything is layered, some the background to the photo to the embellishments - the more the merrier!

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I started out with memory making, and I'd like to imagine that my boys will enjoy looking back at these albums I've made for them and laugh over the different incidents. But I also like to make gifts of the canvases, tags and the idea of blessing someone with something one-of-a-kind makes me happy. Of course back when I was still a forensic scientist, being in the art studio is all about releasing stress from work, throwing away all those rules and letting go to express myself. 

4. How does your writing/creating process work?

It usually starts with a photo or a certain feeling I want to convey through the work. Sometimes I spend up to weeks trying to visualize every single detail in my head, sometimes I just pick up a piece of white card stock and use a mood board for inspiration. Ideas mainly come form the many talented people around me - my FB newsfeed is always full of colour and beauty - but it also comes serendipitously - like an art painting in a cafe, the colors of my boys' laundry in the basket, their Lego bricks combination or things I pick up from totally unrelated conversations. 

So now, to introduce a fantastic lady who has been a wonderful team-mate, and I find so fun to work with and inspiring because she is so versatile in her creativity. Introducing ... Ulrika Blomfelt!

My name is Ulrika Blomfelt aka LillBlomman. I live in Sweden with my three boys. My hubbie who I have been together with for twenty-two years, my soon to be six year old son and my soon to be seven year old dog. We live in a yellow house close to our capital Stockholm and still I live just next to the woods. Perfect! I´m a happy and almost a bit manic scrapper. I started in April 2006 and I love it more and more for each day that passes! I feel the best when I can sneak up to my Studio for a little while every day. I create in all genres and often switch scrap style and projects. But I think most people would say that my style is an romantic mixed-media style with lots of flowers. I love to find the perfect color combination and I can fussy with my flower clusters for hours. During the years I have been on many fun designteams and got to be part of fun projects. My current teams are: C´est Magnifique Kit Club, Papirdesign, One Upon A Sketch, The Color Room, Tresor de Luxe, Inzpira Magazine, Swe Scrapbook and Pyssloteket.

It will be Ulrika's turn to talk about herself next Monday, so remember to drop by her blog to get to know her better!

until then,



  1. Hi! So lovely to read a bit more about you! I have loved your creating ever since I saw you! Love these creations and love your videos too! Keep creating!

  2. Oh, do do MM soooo well - just spent a few minutes watching another of your videos - they ALWAYS inspire.....I didn't realise you were on sooo many, I could NOT keep that up!!!! Lovely to read more about how you create:):)

  3. I think you underestimate your talent Jelissa :) I love Miae's work too but you are just as inspiring for me. You mm work is sensational. So nice to get to know people a bit better. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself x

  4. Your work is magnificent! And you must be pretty busy with all the DTs you're on. :)


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