Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hello everyone! I don't know about you, but I'm truly, really excited today!

You see, today I turn 36 years old. Almost at the midpoint of my life and I'm so glad that in a way, life has just started for me. So many things to do and explore, so many people to connect with and love, there's just so much in my life now I can't help but jump for joy.

Today I'm sharing a DT project I did for 13@rts. How apt to have a mixed media post up on my special day. And I decided to create something that is about "me".


I know rainbows have been done to death, but I've never tried it before. I also took a "selfie" of some sort - those are my hands in the photo working on an art journal page. My title is written on the photo, and is a hashtag I use in some of my Instagram posts - "#shemakesstuff". 

Some close-ups:

lots of fun bits there with textures and colours

more fun stuff

and more colourful stuff :D

Color pencils I "borrowed" from my youngest since they are too short for him to hold. I have given them a new lease of life as embellishments. 

Here is a start-to-finish video tutorial for this layout:

And what is a birthday post without a birthday giveaway?! Here is what you stand to win - an entire kit from C'est Magnifique Kits and lots of extra embellishments and goodies, inclusive of both domestic or international shipping. 

To win this, just simply complete the following:

1) Follow me on the social media platforms listed
(it's ok if you don't have an account for all of them):
2) Share this giveaway on any one of the above
3) Leave a comment below to say you've done so

As simple as that! This giveaway runs for a week till Wednesday 4th August and I will draw a random winner on Thursday 5th August. So all the best to everyone. Art requires an audience, and I'm so thankful to all of you for always making a point to drop by and leave your love.

until then, happy creating!



  1. Happy birthday Jelissa I turned 36 this year so that means we are both born in 1978 got to love that year :-) ❤ may your day be filled with love and happiness! I will share about your giveaway in the morning.....hugs Amy

    1. Oops forgot to tell you your rainbow layout for 13arts is just wonderful off to watch your video now xox

  2. Happy birthday to you Jelissa! Hope you have a fun day celebrating!

    Your rainbow layout is gorgeous...love the fabulous details and textures!

  3. Happy Birthday Jelissa! Enjoy your day! xxx
    Awesome layout and video!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Love your layout, always love your videos...

  5. Happy birthday, Jelissa! I hope you're having a wonderful day!
    Your lay-out is truly stunning. I really love what you did with the different art mediums. It's such a pretty and colourful lay-out.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win this amazing giveaway too! I follow you on Facebook, Pinterest and on your blog!

  6. Happy AWESOME Birthday!!!!

    I follow you on your blog, Pinterest, IG, Google+

  7. Happy birthday here, too....this is a wonderful 'celebration' page:):) LOOOOVE those pencils!!! I started to watch the vid today, but have my 2 yo grand boy.....so, of COURSE, I didn't get to watch it all!!! I follow you on lots of the above [don't do Google +] & Bloglovin'.....that's a LOVELY giveaway. VERY generous:):) Off to find you on Instagram, which I've just discovered:):)

  8. Oh that stuff looks so yummy I would love to win :D I love this layout and if it has been done before it has never been done before this way. Loved it. Thanks for this Jellisa... so glad you had a fab birthday. xx

  9. Love this colourful lovely layout to the bits... :D Thank you for the generous giveaway.. Following you on FB and Pinterest. Had also shared the giveaway via FB..
    Looking forward to seeing more of your creations. :D

  10. Happy birthday Jelissa!!!! Your layout is gorgeous!!!

  11. Lovely rainbow & fabulous details

  12. Love this and all its texture..thanks for sharing

  13. liked and shared! happy birthday! :D

  14. Love your layout. Love the video! Now I feels inspired to get my stash out. Makes. Me. Wanna. Craft!!!!

    Shared the FB page. Fingers crossed for the goodies.

  15. I love this project! Love the colors, all the detail and esp the colored pencils. How awesome! Following your blog, FB, you-tube of course! Shared on FB. Can't wait to try this myself! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize package! Such goodies to be had! Hope you have a Scrap Happy Birthday!!!!
    Janelle Rourke

  16. Thank you for making such a lovely video! The process looks so tedious and messy, and so, so liberating. Thank you for inspiring me to try this some time soon. Wishing you many joyous returns, happy birthday! Followed your FB and sharing the link too. :)

  17. Happiest of birthdays Jelissa! I love the detail and beautiful colors of this project. Thank you for the tutorial. Will assist me in taking my scrapping to a whole new level. I shared your post on Facebook after following you on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, blog, Google, and email. Christie McBride (christie_mcbride@att.net)

  18. Very nice!
    Never been here before or entered any give aways online. Shared with my girls on Facebook :)
    Happy Birthday!

  19. Happy birthday, hope you have a fab day. Have followed and shared!

  20. WOWZERS... I came here coz Tina shared on facebook and your work is just so INSPIRATIONAL. Happy birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day and week and years ahead ;) I've followed ALL networks and shared on G+ and Facebook ;)

  21. Followed and shared on Facebook. Following all except Instragram who want me to log in. Beautiful work. Have a great birthday.

  22. Happy Birthday !I found you here via Facebook. Such a generous, awesome give away !
    Loved watching your creative process and especially love the clever idea of using the pencils on your layout.
    Now a follower of all of your social media's
    Oh and I am off to share your give away on facebook

  23. Birthday Happies, sweet Jelissa. I hope your birthday was extremely special, just as you are. What a great video and layout. You are soooooooooo talented!!!!

  24. Happy happy birthday Jelissa. Enjoyed watching you at play.

  25. Its really great to see so much talent all around..your work is fabulous and inspiring!! Enjoyed the video too...Happy birthday and thanks for this giveaway!!

  26. Happy birthday! I love your rainbow project and have shared the giveaway.

  27. Happy 36th!
    Thank you for the giveaway.
    Shared on my FB.

  28. Great project and happy birthday! Shared on Facebook :)

  29. I have posted on facebook about your giveaway.. thanks for the chance to win such lovely goodies!!

  30. Happy 36th burthday! Followed you on fb :)

  31. Happy Birthday Jelissa. I have enjoyed wandering through your layout looking at the various techniques and intricate details. The image as a whole reminds me how each of us is made up of the colors of the rainbow, multiple complex layers and exciting details making us each beautifully unique, yet the same. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and creative process!

  32. love your project!! very nice!!! thks for the chance to win the giveaway. shared on fb.

  33. Beautiful :) happy birthday and thanks for the chance :)

  34. happy birthday!

    shared on FB & Instagram. ^_^


  35. Like & share on my fb! Happy birtjday'

  36. Liked and shared on fb. Happy birthday. Love your work

  37. Love this project! Thanks for sharing and the chance win this fabulous prize :)

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  39. Happy birthday!

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    Great post!

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  50. Wonderful rainbow layout!
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  52. This is new to my, but not my daughter she loves your work.Would love to win and spend some much needed time with her. Shared on Facebook, G+, Pintrest. Happy birthday to you and a blessed year ahead. My birthday is July 23

  53. Happy Birthdaaaaaay! I hope it was as INCREDIBLE as you hoped and i wish you another fantastic 365 days overflowing with love, laughs and joy, until the next bday ;) Shared on pinterest!

  54. We have the same birthday!! I turned 35. I hope you had a good one! I already follow your youtube channel..love watching you create your beautiful projects. I am now following the others too. Being so sweet to share your techniques helps MM newbies like me find our way. Thanks for the lovely inspiration!!

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