Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sparkle with 13@rts

Hello everyone!

Back in again mid week to share a little OTP project for 13@rts! Today, it's all about black!

Let me just share a little about the inspiration behind this. We managed to see the Milky Way while in Australia and my mind has been filled with sparkles and glitter and dark background ever since. And my friend Lizzy-Hill had to come along and inspire me with a great idea of mica flakes and such for my next project. So here it is!

My boss Aida packed in this plain wooden holder in my DT package and I knew I had to use black gesso on it. To create texture, I wrapped a nice piece of lace around (which just happened to be the right size, thanks YY!) and painted over it with black matte paint and silver glitter paint. That's how I got that sparkly look in the background. 

This is a chipboard word piece designed by Olga Heldwein and I painted it with a generous layer of Old Gold Metallic paint for a dimensional look. The photo doesn't quite do it justice, but the shine is just amazing.

The little stuff I have to make more texture. There was first a layer of mica flakes, then sand grit, then a nice thick paste of gold pearl paint with Ayeeda Magic Powder. 

For this chipboard piece from Blue Fern Studios, I used black gesso instead of my usual white because I wanted to use the Green Metallic paint as a glaze. See how the mica inside shines!

And all over the edge of the top I used the same thick paste I made with Gold Pearl Paint and Magic Powder to create an outline.

That's all I have for you today. What will you do if you had black gesso?



  1. So pretty ....first time i saw you making something so colourful...but its lovely:)

  2. WOW so striking and a great way to use up stuff. Love the colours and the sparkle is awesome.


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