Thursday, March 5, 2015

Love is All You Need with Maja Design

Hello Maja fans!

I'm in today to share a card I created using the gorgeous Nyhavn collection. It's a quick card that uses just one sheet of patterned paper. It's so simple, you can apply the same tips to any card or project if you don't have the entire day for crafting.

Here is my card:

For this card, I've used both sides of the "Romantic Lunch" sheet of paper. What I did was to use the neutral grey side as a base for the card, and layered it with the patterned and colored reverse side. It is from this colored side that I drew the colors for the chipboards, embellishments and background. 

Some close-ups:

I have two chipboard designs here - the smaller flourish I left nude because there was already enough color on the card. The second chipboard with more flourishes and flowers was colored with Inktense color pencils, and bled with a small wet brush. I also distressed the edges of my layered paper with black paint using my finger. 

While the colored side of "Romantic Lunch" already has a beautiful palette, more details can be added. I patted on gesso randomly, followed by mists in various purples and pinks. The effect is a subtle yet vibrant background.

To add the last few touches, I had a canvas frill with pearl strings running under my floral cluster. 

And this is all I have for today. Thank you for dropping by, and have a good day ahead!


  1. This is really pretty....& good hints, too....NUDE chippy eh? Sounds faintly RUDE, LOL.....Same as being in the RAW I guess.....or UNDRESSED!!! Sorry. I'm in a stoopid mood tonight! Too many NUTS I've eaten. Gosh. I'd better stop.....anyways, I think your card is gorgeous:):)

    1. You made my day..... Ilaughed so hard when I read this... it has been a hell of a week here... and I soooooo needed this laught. You crazy thing <3

  2. Your card is gorgeous.. I love all the flowers and the touch of chippie looks wonderful.!

  3. I really think this is a beautiful soft elegant card. Love the colours but then I haven't seen a Maja Paper that I don't like :D love the little tips and tricks...

  4. oOOOH this is absolutely incredibly gorgeous!!

  5. Everything I see you have done is inspirational. What an artist! All I can do is kind of follow your lead with my own style. I am going through all your posts and links you provide. I have purchased many chipboards from bluefernstudios that I can purchase on line.


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