Monday, February 9, 2015

13arts Challenge and a Canvas for the season

Good day everyone!

Things have been so crazy in the personal sphere that I don't even know how to start. There were the job interviews that came out of nowhere (3 back to back, with two of them inviting me back for a second round), and I had to turn down one not due to lack of time but it didn't give me the direction I wanted to move in after speaking with the hiring manager. Then there was this horrific bout of stomach upsets and gas, and episodes of fatigue that I just couldn't get over for the past few weeks. I would be so exhausted that I just couldn't keep my eyes open during dinner - so hence skipping meal for a 30 min nap and taking food at 10-ish after the boys went to bed, which totally did not help with the tummy issues. Not to mention my little backend project finally coming to a conclusion and I needed to get my stuff out ASAP. Did I also mention that the boys were sick (and still are) and they have passed their bug to me?

Not fun being a mum right now.

But somehow, still managed to drag myself out from the pits to finish this mini canvas for the 13@rts challenge. Pasja has come up with this brilliant Bingo game scrapbooking style and we have to use at least 3 items from the board. As I was telling my team, I wrote a list of the items down and told myself THREE. In the end, I think I used up all the items. See? Bad with instructions again.

So here's the challenge, with a project based on "Love":

Rules of the challenge #27:
1. Create a project based on the rules of our challenge
2. Publish your project on your blog and add link directly to the post using Inlinkz tool at the right side bar.
3. Please add link and info about our challenge, where your work is published.
4. You may submit as many entries as you like. 
5. You can enter with your project to maximum 2 other challenges and your work must be new, not published before our challenge has started. 
6. The challenge ends on 22nd of February. Winners will be announced on 26th of February.

When the challenge ends, our Design Team will vote and pick the best project. It will be awarded with shopping voucher for 13 arts store worth - 60 PLN with free international shipping. The winner will be invited to join us in one of our challenges as Guest Designers. Additionally we will feature few works with biggest number of points.

And my take on it:

So let's see what I have used:
1. Ayeeda Pearl Mist
2. Ayeeda paint - silver glitter, metallic pink
3. Splash acrylic medium (black)
4. Modeling paste
5. Gesso (for the background)
6. Glitter (distress glitter on the modeling paste after masking)
7. Glass fillers 
8. Ink (for distressing the edges of my flowers)
9. Scrapbook paper (the die cut doily!)

Some close-ups:

The distress glitter held by modeling paste which I spread over a stencil. 

Glass fillers hidden under my bow, and a die cute doily from one of the "All Is Love" collection papers.

I'm not sure how clearly you can see this, but this heart shape was made from 4 pieces of white twigs from the 13art store. It's made of wire, so why not twist it into the shape I want and give it some bling with the silver glitter paint? 

So that's all I have for today.  Thanks for dropping by and remember to hop by the 13@rts blog for more inspiration from the DT! 



  1. It's a gorgeous little least you covered the criteria???LOL......oh, you must take care of you....I hope the illness & the feeling tired etc go AWAY. You're not preggers, are you???!!!!! Bet you've already checked that!!! Anyways, GET BETTER SOON:)

    1. LOL Lizzy, you're so funny! thanks for the well wishes!

  2. I do hope you are on the mend really soon.. Nice how the kids pass their germs around for the whole house hold! This is so pretty, I love the pink!! take care..

  3. So pretty...So sorry that you have a sick house. Hope you all get better soon....<3


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