Monday, October 1, 2012

we are FOUR!

Bernard and I have been married for four years (oh so fast!), and 2012 has been very interesting for us with adjustments to caring for two kids while juggling work, taking on new responsibilities at work, and facing new challenges in our marriage. We still have lots to work on, but we're getting there!

Anyway, what better occasion for a LO than a wedding anniversary? :D

I used this week's palette from the Colour Room. It's all pinks and polka dots and I have just the perfect picture to play along.

and this is my take on Palette #130:

It wasn't hard to find the shades of pink I want since I've just topped up my stash of mists from the LSS. I also bought a new box of color pencils from Faber-Castell and it proved to be a most useful and fun technique!

These fussy-cut flowers were neutral to begin with. I shaded on some pinks with my watercolor pencils, dabbed a little water with my brush and voila! lovely gradations of pinks! I brushed on some glam for that shine.

And since I was in a painting mood, why not alter these tea roses as well? 

This is how they came in the packaging:

And after some dabbing with left over mists on my craft sheet ....

 It was too fun to resist so I painted the leaves as well:

More pretty details:

That's all I have for now, ciao!


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