Thursday, November 6, 2008

Is McCain really the same as Bush?

Despite what people say about McCain, he's really not McSame. Here are some reasons why.

1. McCain has a receding hairline. George is well, a Bush.

2. They have different preferences for pets. McCain's a pitbull with lipstick. Bush likes goats.

3. McCain was a POW. Bush makes POWs.

4. McCain is an Arizonian boy who went to naval academy and became a boxer. Bush was a West Texan girl who went to an all-boys private school and became the head cheerleader.

5. McCain hopes his tax cuts will help put food on Joe the plumber's table. Bush just wants to put food on his family.

6. McCain wants to hold teachers accountable for proper education. Bush just wants to spank them.

7. McCain is often misunderstood as Bush. Bush is just misunderestimated.

8. McCain opposes abortion rights because he holds human lives in high regard. Bush just holds them with no disregard.

9. McCain hasn't had the chance to kill any South African president. Bush killed Nelson Mandela.

10. McCain's much better than Bush at math - he can subtract 200 from 1976.

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